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I’ve made no bones about the fact that I grew up poor. Not in the “we were poor, but we didn’t know we were poor” […]
I struggled with the format to use to capture this powerful memory that has stuck with me to this day. I finally landed on prose […]
I’m still finding it difficult to accept the truth of the Julian calendar, but it tells me that it is, in fact, November. Part of […]
I’ve blogged several times about the issue of Clackamas Literary Review that I was recently published in – a publication timeline that looked a lot […]
In case you missed it, I had a poem published in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine back in May, my poem “Culley’s Pub: An Elegy“. This […]
Despite my literary fame and bestseller rankings exceeding 50 copies sold, I still make time to submit my shorter works to literary journals the old-fashioned […]
Happy weekend, all! I just finished this new poem, that I got the idea for after reading a sappy, sentimental poem about a mother’s hands, […]
The whole Occupy Wall Street mess has been all over the news lately. I won’t tell you my opinion, except that I agree with some […]
I wrote the idea for this poem on an envelope I stole from the greeting card aisle in a Price Chopper. When inspiration strikes, you’ve […]
W5ran continues to include my work in their “best of” collections, this time in a “best of the weekend,” which I will take. Go check […]