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I put off writing my query letter for Community Klepto for way too long. After all, it feels almost reductive to turn years (many years, […]
Yesterday, I received a rejection letter for four poems I sent as a manuscript submission to a literary journal. It had been a while since […]
In the before time, the long long ago (circa Feb 2010), Kelly I. Hitchcock had her first two poems accepted for publication by Clackamas Literary […]
It’s that goal-reflection and goal-setting time of year. The time when the whole world reflects on its activities completed in the year as it comes […]
One of my poems was recently accepted by a great semi-annual literary journal – Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. Their September issue is now online and […]
Despite my literary fame and bestseller rankings exceeding 50 copies sold, I still make time to submit my shorter works to literary journals the old-fashioned […]
Loyal fanbase, you are, I’m sure, already aware of the fact that it took me seven years from the time I wrote my first word […]
Well, it would seem my second published short story is going to be in the same publication as my first published short story. No skin […]
Today my flash fiction piece Are You There, Wall? It’s Me, Kerri is featured on the Rose City Sisters online flash fiction anthology today. If […]
The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a time of annual reflection for me, and as I was reflecting on the year that […]