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Month: November 2010

New story up: The Pollen Bath

I got the idea for this short story way back before it was 30-some degrees back in Kansas City, but I hit a wall with it so many times, it sat in various stages of incompletion for a long time. NaNoWriMo was my kick in the ass to do something with all these works in progress, and I finished this one. It’s called The Pollen Bath.

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Seeing my name in print

It’s a pretty damn priceless feeling. My work got accepted by a print journal all the way back in February, but it still has yet to be printed. I’ve also had several things be accepted by web magazines and other bookish sites, and seeing my name in an HTML heading was also pretty damn cool. But nothing could compare to my elation when I ripped open the package that contained my two contributor’s copies for the first issue of Line Zero. Holding the book in my hand and seeing my name on the back cover in the list of contributors, it was a pretty unmatched feeling.

Maybe I’m just a dork, but it rocks to see my first published short story, Two Steps Forward, in words on a page. It’s a feeling I hope to enjoy several more times.

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New poem up. They should call it NaPoWriMo.

Well, it’s National Novel Writing Month, but I am not writing a novel. I have several reasons, all of which I can back up with my own flawed logic. Regardless, I did set a goal for the month, a goal to finish all the works in progress that plague me. My second goal was not to start anything new until I accomplished the first goal.

So far, I have broken both goals. I have only finished one work in progress, and I wrote a new poem. What can I say? I just kinda happened. Besides, you can’t stifle inspiration when you are lucky enough to get it. Anyway, I was down in Springfield, MO, my old stomping grounds back in college, and I drove by the bar I used to go to several times per week back in my heyday. It was “our bar”, with the other half of the our being my ex-husband. The building is vacant and looks exactly the same.

It inspired me to use it as a metaphor for the dumbest decision I ever made. It’s called Culley’s Pub: An Elegy. Check it out.

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