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Category: Author Interview

I’m on Drinking With Authors!

Oh, hello! You came to find me, but today I am over on the Drinking With Authors podcast where I have a full interview and a bonus literary briefs episode. Check out my episodes and like/share/subscribe/sacrifice a virgin because the podcast is hilarious.

Listen to the full interview and the literary briefs wherever you get your podcasts

Watch the full interview and the literary briefs on YouTube (my hair looked great that day)

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I’m on Launch Pad!

In case you missed the live broadcast of my appearance on Launch Pad, the Authors on the Air podcast episode I appeared on with fellow authors Marleen Pasch, Rob Samborn, and Antonina Duridanova, it’s now on YouTube where it shall live forever! Check it out, and check out these other authors and their amazing books!

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I’m in Dear Reader!

Oh, hey! You came here to find me to say HUZZAH on my pub day but I’m over on Dear Reader talking about my love/hate relationship with running to commemorate the release of Community Klepto. There’s also a chance to win one of 5 advance review copies of Community Klepto at the bottom of the article if you read carefully and follow directions.

Check it out here!

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