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A few weeks ago, a poem I submitted way back when to an independent online magazine was selected for their “Best of the Year” collection. […]
Well, it’s National Novel Writing Month, but I am not writing a novel. I have several reasons, all of which I can back up with […]
My poem Things in my Stuff Drawer is going to be posted on w5RAn tomorrow. W5RAn is an independent collaborative content site whose people I […]
I recently (read: two days ago) decided to start giving myself weekly writing challenges to keep cranking out new stuff to pimp to publishers. For […]
I’ve been pondering writing this for about a week, and finally got a chance to sit down and organs to the skeleton that was this […]
No April foolin’: the April 2010 issue of Foliate Oak Literary Magazine has been published and my poem Tequila Sunrise is in this issue. I […]
My poem To a Moth is going to be featured on the front page of tomorrow between noon and 6 p.m. I met the […]
My first proof galley Arrived today. I feel like A real-life writer.