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Six Sentence Sunday 1/8/2012

First Six Sentence Sunday of the year and I already managed to enter my name wrong on the form. Brilliant.

Anyway, here’s today’s six, from my novel The Redheaded Stepchild (available on Amazon).

“It’s about time you showed up,” I said as Johnny half walked, half-fell through the door of Kinko’s, ducking to avoid bumping his head.  He had huge dark circles under his deep set hazel eyes and he had forgotten to shave.  His five o’clock shadow stuck out in all directions in a deep shade of red, contrasting sharply with the dishwater blonde on his oversized head.  I abandoned the quiz I was taking in my Cosmo: Do you come across as desperate? I was more than ready to quit reading it.  Every turn of the page made me feel uglier, fatter, lonelier, and more out of style.

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Happy New Year, y’all…

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