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Category: poetry

New poem – Sister Christian

I wrote the idea for this poem on an envelope I stole from the greeting card aisle in a Price Chopper. When inspiration strikes, you’ve gotta be prepared. Yes, I ripped off the title from one of my favorite 80s ballads, so hopefully I won’t get sued.

What do you think?

Read it here!

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New poem up: The Split Fingernail

I wrote this poem a couple days ago and as standard practice dictates, I came back to it today and put my official stamp of approval on it. It’s called The Split Fingernail and it includes a made-up word, gravy, and lots of other cool detail.

It’s about this pesky fingernail I have that has grown in split down the middle for the last 3 years, after smashing it when I was working a side waitressing gig trying to make ends meet as a member of the newly-divorced.

Enjoy 😉

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Another poem selected for “Best of the Year” collection!

A few weeks ago, a poem I submitted way back when to an independent online magazine was selected for their “Best of the Year” collection. I found out about this site last year when I was at South by Southwest. It’s a collaborative content site that posts new submissions of art, literature, poetry, and other random stuff every hour. I submitted two poems to them in the last year, and they accepted both of them, and now both of them have been featured in their “Best of the First Year” collection!

You can check it out here:

I must be New Years resolved to write more stuff in 2011!

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New poem up. They should call it NaPoWriMo.

Well, it’s National Novel Writing Month, but I am not writing a novel. I have several reasons, all of which I can back up with my own flawed logic. Regardless, I did set a goal for the month, a goal to finish all the works in progress that plague me. My second goal was not to start anything new until I accomplished the first goal.

So far, I have broken both goals. I have only finished one work in progress, and I wrote a new poem. What can I say? I just kinda happened. Besides, you can’t stifle inspiration when you are lucky enough to get it. Anyway, I was down in Springfield, MO, my old stomping grounds back in college, and I drove by the bar I used to go to several times per week back in my heyday. It was “our bar”, with the other half of the our being my ex-husband. The building is vacant and looks exactly the same.

It inspired me to use it as a metaphor for the dumbest decision I ever made. It’s called Culley’s Pub: An Elegy. Check it out.

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New poem: “Meeting Hokey”

I recently (read: two days ago) decided to start giving myself weekly writing challenges to keep cranking out new stuff to pimp to publishers. For some reason, I decided to make this week’s challenge “Finding love during Shark Week”. I am pretty damn amused by Shark Week, and it stuck.

So, I took some creative liberties with an actual story and adapted the facts to fit my little writing challenge. The result is here, a new poem called “Meeting Hokey.”

Got a writing challenge for me for next week?

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