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  • New poem up: The Day Grandpa Taught Me to Drive

  • New book blogger review of Portrait of Woman in Ink

  • My interview on CBY Book Club

  • Portrait of Woman in Ink: now in local bookstores!

I struggled with the format to use to capture this powerful memory that has stuck with me to this day. I finally landed on prose […]
I owe a pimple-circa-freshman-year-of-high-school-sized thank you to the the wonderful ladies over at A Reader’s Review for agreeing to feature Portrait of Woman in Ink: […]
Howdy folks! You came to find me, but I’ve been over talking with the good people over at Chosen By You Book Club, where I […]
This post is long overdue, but you’ll have to forgive me on account of my long holiday (and honeymoon) trip to Europe. The day before […]
I’m still finding it difficult to accept the truth of the Julian calendar, but it tells me that it is, in fact, November. Part of […]
My newest book Portrait of Woman in Ink: A Tattoo Storybook got some review love from fellow author and book blogger Andrea Blackstone over at […]
I’ve blogged several times about the issue of Clackamas Literary Review that I was recently published in – a publication timeline that looked a lot […]
Laurie over at Laurie’s Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews was kind enough to be the first book blogger to feature Portrait of Woman in Ink: A […]
The Kindle-first launch of PORTRAIT OF WOMAN IN INK: A TATTOO STORYBOOK has gone so swimmingly (but busily) I haven’t even had time to tell […]
The big day is finally here! It is a grand book birthday for PORTRAIT OF WOMAN IN INK, courtesy of Bird Brain Publishing. It’s launching […]

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