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Today finds me ranting about something I think we can all rant about… Facebook. I have a general policy that my Facebook is a social […]
I don’t really have a whole lot to rant about this week, but ever since I self-published my first novel on Kindle, I’ve been paying […]
I haven’t written a Wednesday Wrant in awhile, mostly because the last couple of weeks, most of my ranting thoughts have been about Mitt Romney, […]
When I started my Wednesday Wrants, I said that part of the reason I wanted to do them was to have some avenue for my […]
It’s been difficult getting back into the groove of things at the office, since the holidays and being sick last week.  I had this nasty […]
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, filled with magic and wonder.  If nothing else, I hope it was preferable to mine, because mine was […]
I had a hard time decided which of the things I’m currently pissed off about to be pissed off enough to write about… I finally […]
I use Twitter pretty prolifically for expressing my distaste for things, people, and events, but sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it. It occurred to […]