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First flash fiction piece

Today I decided to try my hand at Flash Fiction. I have never really given it a fair chance, because I have a hard time believing people can tell a good story in 1000 words or less. However, people are increasingly pressed for time, and the people over at Rose City Sisters gave my site a fair chance, so I decided to do them the same courtesy.

I knew I had to keep the scope of my story very limited, so I adapted an exchange I had with this guy at the gym who likes to flirt with me in a very weird way into a piece of flash fiction. I decided to call it Ad Hominem, and it’s available for your perusal.

It was a very enjoyable exercise, and one I think I could do quite often to keep my writing skills sharp and try some experimentation, which will come in handy as I move more and more toward telling other people’s stories, instead of telling my own.


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  1. Maryweather Brown Maryweather Brown

    I enjoyed this piece. It stirred up a lot of emotions I have about people who want to play “armchair politician”. Americans can be so passionate about politics, and it’s frustrating for us when we discover we don’t have a lot of sway on the day-to-day events in Washington. That “voice at the poll” feels good when you get your “I voted” sticker, but there can be so many feelings in between…I generally choose to let the politicians I elected get the ulcers, and not worry too much about it. Debating makes me anxious.

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