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Good morning all my Kindle-loving friends! Today is your lucky day because you can get my latest novel, Portrait of Woman in Ink: A Tattoo […]
Yes, I had to capture the photographic evidence… I put The Redheaded Stepchild up for free yesterday, to celebrate the 1st birthday of Portrait of […]
Portrait of Woman in Ink is a year old today! Just a year ago I was feverishly promoting the initial release of my new book […]
Cue the sad Charlie Brown music… A few months ago, I entered Portrait of Woman in Ink into a book award contest. It was the […]
I’m going to go ahead and make a bold statement: If you want to become an author because it’ll make you lots of money, you’re […]
Authors are constantly finding new ways to use other media to increase the reach of their books, so I am trying a new little experiment, […]
The blogger behind the B’Tween Prose young adult book review blog gave The Redheaded Stepchild a thoughtful review this week while I was working in […]
The end of March marked the end of my three-month enrollment for The Redheaded Stepchild in the KDP Select program. If you’re unfamiliar with the […]
Well, you made it past Valentine’s Day. As a reward, you can get the Kindle edition of The Redheaded Stepchild today. If you’ve been waiting, […]
Greetings, loyal fanbase of fans! Today I sent the drafts of the short stories that are going in my newest collection to the people they […]